2003 Yamaha Raptor

2003 Yamaha Raptor
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Engine size (cc):  720 cc
Type:  Sport
Exterior color:  Blue
Drive train:  2-Wheel drive
Transmission type:  Manual

The stock engine was sold to help pay for all the stuff I had done to this engine. Its a 2004 yamaha 660 Raptor engine that has been professionally built into a 720 Stroker engine by Vito's Performance out of Detroit Michigan area. The engine is a 10.75 to 1 Compression you can still run pump gas and crank out a bunch of horsepower while rataining the reliability. The engine also has the Stage 3 hot cams and valve spring kit. Vitos claims 55 to 60 horse out of this kit which is around %70 more power than stock. IVE GOTTEN SO FAR 5 EXTREMELY GOOD DEALS THRU CRAIGS LIST BUT NO ONE HAS CAME THRU WITH THEIR SIDE OF THE DEAL SO I DONT NEED TO GET RID OF IT CAUSE I DONT!!!!

Orv Sticker is updated till march of 2011

On the chasis side of this machine it I have the 2 Brand new front wheel bearings replaced, havent gotten around to replacing the rear ones yet (depends on how long it takes to sell this awesome machine) I also have a brand new 30% fully aluminum larger aftermarket radiador. Brand new Yamaha OEM inner and outer tie rod(s) along with new rods, along with front and rear brake pads, Dr.D Yamaha Reverse Lever Knob Relocater. Brand new Gel filled battery purchased August 22, 2010!! It already has its updated ORV sticker, just came back from the sand dunes in Michigan a few days ago.

On the engine side of this machine besides this awesome engine is Vitos performance jet kit, yosh slip on pipe, Procom Higher rev Cdi box, Procom Hotter burning coil, and Ricky motors stator.

The only thing I would like to add is that the starter is not going out however it sometimes takes a few times pushing the start button to turn the engine over with such high compression, along with if you look at the headlights those are when I bought them from the previous owner, I have raptor lights they are just not shown in the pics sorry.

Any questions please dont hesitate to ask.